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 Our tutors and teachers have high levels of experience and proficiency in Math. On top of that, they are all outgoing, friendly, empathetic and interesting individuals.

We understand that each student has a unique learning style and study habits, and how difficult it can be to receive the one-on-one support they need in the classroom. That’s why we cater our tutoring services to the particular needs and circumstances of each individual.

Our main objective is to turn students into independent learners. We strive to help our students think independently and understand core concepts needed to excel in their classes. 

We offer 90 minutes sessions unlike the standard hourly session offered by other establishments in order to ensure our students are assisted appropriately.


Math Tutoring Academy 101 adopts a maximum of 3 students per teacher ratio in each session which leaves each student enough alone time to think and work independently. 

In the Classroom
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